Research Group for Conflicts and Terrorism

The Research Group for Conflicts and Terrorism (RGCT) operates under the control of Professor Timo Soikkanen, the head of department of contemporary history at the University of Turku, Finland. However the group operates outside the University administration.

The Research Group for Conflicts and Terrorism consists mainly of graduated researchers and analysts, but also of some students whom the group itself has trained. The primary task of the group is to monitor and analyse conflicts and crises on a global level. Emphasis is given to the parts of the world that are imperfectly covered by news agencies. Members of the staff have operated or are operating as soldiers, peacekeepers, consultants, analysts, journalists, diplomats and aid workers in Finland and in different crisis areas around the world. Members have also done field research in different regions of the globe dealing with conflict studies and conflict resolution methods. Therefore the RGCT holds extensive expertise and experience on a number of locations. The group constantly creates and upholds connections to foreign scholars and think tanks and as a result possesses a broad network of contacts.

The Research Group for Conflicts and Terrorism produces a news survey six to ten times a year in Finnish language. The group also provides various reports irregularly, also in English. The RGCT also produces customer specified analysis and country reports on request.