What does the RGCT do?

The research group’s main task is to monitor developments in international and national terrorism and to report significant events and changes to its clients. In addition the group monitors conflict and crisis areas mainly from a security perspective.

What is the relationship between the RGCT and the University of Turku?

The RGCT operates under the guidance of Professor Timo Soikkanen, the head of the department of contemporary history at the University of Turku. The RGCT’s office is located at the department of contemporary history. However the group operates outside the University administration and is not funded by the University.

Who funds the RGCT?

The RGCT covers its expenses with funds received from publishing work. There are no outside funders involved.

Who are RGCT’s clients and how can I become a client?

The RGCT does not give out information about its clients. To become a client of the RGCT you have to contact the group at rgctkeskus@gmail.com The RGCT chooses its clients on a case by case basis.

Who founded the RGCT and when?

The RGCT was founded by Anssi Kullberg and Christian Jokinen in 2004.

How can I join the RGCT?

Most of the RGCT’s staff members are researchers with a master’s degree but students can also apply. There are no strict requirements for applicants besides thorough interest in the subject and good motivation. To find out more, please contact the RGCT at rgctkeskus@gmail.com.